Proposed Property Tax Notices Mailed

TRIM Notices are being mailed to all property owners in August. The Notices include property values, exemption benefits, proposed taxes and budget hearing information. If you do not receive the Notice by the end of August, please contact our office. 

The Office of the Property Appraiser urges you to read your TRIM Notice carefully. Although the Notice states, “This is not a tax bill, it reflects what your property taxes are likely to be on your November property tax bill. 

The Notice contains very important information pertaining to your ad valorem property taxes. 

*PLEASE NOTE that the Property Appraiser does not set tax rates nor does it collect taxes. Questions concerning taxes should be directed to the Taxing Authorites listed on your Notice. (Calhoun County Board of County Commissioners, Calhoun County School Board, City of Blountstown, NWFL Water Management District)

For all questions pertaining to the values and exemptions listed in your Notice please call the Property Appraiser’s office at (850) 674-5636. We are available to help you address any questions or concerns about the values and exemptions in the Notice. 


Carla T. Peacock, CFA                                                                                                                                                                                                    Calhoun County Property Appraiser